Workplace Fatalities Rise

Workplace Fatalities Rise

Workplace fatalities have unfortunately risen this year according to the Health and Safety Executive’s annual statistic release.

147 workers were fatally injured between April 2018 and March 2019.

There has been a long-term reduction in workplace fatalities since 1981, but 2018/19 saw an increase of six workplace fatalities from 2017/18.

Following the release, HSE Chair Martin Temple commented:

“Today’s release of workplace fatality statistics is a reminder that despite the UK’s world leading position in Health & Safety, we cannot become complacent as we seek to fulfil our mission in preventing injury, ill health and death at work.”

Which sectors are affected by workplace fatalities the most?

  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, and Construction sectors continue to account for the largest share of fatal injuries to workers.

The figures also indicate those sectors where the risk of fatal injury is greatest:

  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing, Waste and Recycling are the worst affected sectors, with a rate of fatal injury some 18 times and 17 times as high as the average across all industries respectively.

“Agriculture, forestry and fishing accounts for a small fraction of the workforce of Great Britain, yet accounted for over 20 per cent of workplace fatalities in the last year. This is unacceptable and more must be done to prevent such fatalities taking place.”

commented Martin Temple, Chair of HSE.

What are the most common causes of workplace fatality?

  • Workers falling from height,
  • being struck by a moving vehicle,
  • being struck by a falling object.

all of which accounted for nearly 60 per cent of fatal injuries in 2018/19.

The above demonstrates that there is still a lot of work to be done to keep employees safe in the workplace and sadly highlights accidents which are preventable, such as falling from height, being struck by an object or a moving vehicle.

It is a reminder to all businesses that implementing the correct health and safety procedures and systems within the workplace is vital in order to protect your employees. Risk management assessment, and asking common sense questions like these 5 rules for effective Incident Reporting is always useful.

Fatal accidents cannot ever be compensated for in monetary terms, and the consequences can be complex and costly for businesses.

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