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White Light has grown exponentially over the past few years, now working on hundreds of projects a month which include everything from London Fashion Week, the Russia World Cup, Winter Olympics and even the First Night of the Proms. Earlier this year White Light Health and Safety and Workforce Development Director, Chris Nicholls settled upon Safety Media as the solution best suited to meet their ever-growing challenges and demands.

Chris commented:

“Earlier this year, I decided that I wanted to find a replacement for paper-based accident forms. With the amount of projects we work on across the globe, these are no longer practical. It was a case of looking for an electronic cloud-based solution. After doing some research and taking on board recommendations, it became clear that Safety Media were offering the best service out there”.

White Light has drawn on the services of Safety Media for Incident Reporting, Risk Management, E-Learning and Document Management. The Incident Reporting allows users to log in online and report any accidents or near misses anywhere in the world whereas Risk Management allows users to complete a simple yes/no survey relevant to White Light in order for them to assess the risk using a simple traffic light system. The e-Learning allows White Light to have access to over 120 Healthy, Safety and Compliance titles; something which was important for a company that frequently conducts its own in-house training.

It wasn’t just the resources that made Chris form the partnership with Safety Media.  It was also the company’s approach to both its training and staff.  Chris explains:

“Whilst they offered exactly what we required in terms of software, what was just as important was that their core values aligned with our own. They treat their staff as their most important asset and place a great emphasis on being friendly and approachable; much like us. It was the perfect fit and I was delighted to have found an organisation to offer us this service”.

White Light is now using the Safety Media software throughout the company, ensuring each of its staff working on site has access to the content and is using it accordingly.  It is important to the company to provide relevant training whether a person is full-time, part-time or freelance employees.  For White Light Health and Safety is a key consideration and not simply an “add-on” which is why the board took the view to appoint Chris into this role from another internal position.

Toby Roberts, the Managing Director at Safety Media, comments:

“Prevention really is better than the cure when it comes to Health & Safety and we are very proud to be able to say that is the peace of mind the Safety Media Software Suite can provide. We are delighted that White Light has decided to draw on our resources and look forward to continuing our relationship with them as both companies continue to grow”.

Upon his appointment to the role earlier this year, Chris highlighted the notion that in an ideal world, Health and Safety compliments a working environment, it doesn’t get in the way.   It was also a clear ambition of Chris’ to find a solution that allows information to be accessible and spoken in a language the is clear and understandable (without the use of too many acronyms!) and that is what he has found in the Safety Media solution.

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