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Always seeking to improve service and delight customers, our Customer Experience webinars are available to showcase features, and demonstrate how to get even more value from the powerful platform.

Customer Experience provide operational and technical support across the board for all Safety Media solutions. Working closely with customers, the team run a popular series of webinars including:

  • Screenshares to show step-by-step processes
  • Clever software features you may not know about
  • Shared knowledge of solutions to our customers’ real-world issues
  • The team ask for questions in advance, and give full and detailed answers to every one.
Themes of the webinars

Behind many questions are the same driving forces:

how can we be more effective, save time, and make the most of our investment in resources and tools?

Because the Customer Experience team have frequent check-ins and reviews with their customers, they appreciate these underlying driving forces. This way, they champion each customer’s needs and put the most relevant information into the webinars.

The team will capture questions on the fly from calls and reviews, and even try to predict new use cases based on real issues and information. They’re added straight into the webinar series – meaning solutions may already be there the moment you need them.

Knowledge Base

As you’d expect, Customer Experience are on-hand with advice and help for FAQs. They are quickly answered in-between the regular webinars.

The team are also adding the FAQs to the overall knowledge base for their customers so that it’s fresh and relevant.

New webinars then include these crucial points that invariably help everyone work faster and more efficiently. FAQs from our customers are helping to craft a great learning resource.

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