The importance of engaging e-Learning content

Modern learners are crying out for bite-sized, multi-device digital learning that supports their needs.  The content team here at Safety media creates exactly that. Turning real-world content into engaging e-Learning content is a crucial part of Safety Media. Incorporating video, audio, animations and interactivity in a snap is what our content team does every day. Without our content team, the online courses would replicate the material and formats found in simple textbooks or powerpoint courses and that is hardly appropriate for a generation of Millenials who use phones like computers and do not know of a world before YouTube and Google.

Engaging e-Learning content

An option available to make course content relevant to your individual learners is to consider commisioning bespoke interactive courses. However, when choosing to follow this route, the partner selection is vital.  It is important to consider what features your learners will respond to, how this could work in a practical sense and of course, the crucial question is how to achieve this without breaking the bank.

The Safety Media content team knows exactly how to keep learners engaged. Their experience helps organisations create informative but engaging content. Focusing on clean, clear and attractive messaging rather than cluttered and confusing text-heavy slides. The more engaging e-Learning content is, the easier the learner will understand and absorb the information. This then, in turn, improves the safety culture of the organisation.

When working with Safety Media to create bespoke courses, the content team, headed by Chris Weston, will create a storyboard of the course for your approval before the course goes into production. Our dedicated team will keep in touch throughout the customisation and creation process to ensure that your organisation is completely satisfied with the content and overall look of the course.

About the Safety Media Content team

Chris Weston - Safety Media Content ManagerChris Weston is an experienced Learning Designer and manages our content team here at Safety Media. He has vast experience creating bespoke courses for our clients, as well as maintaining and expanding our standard off the shelf library.  One key success of his was the innovative design of the Course Creator. This tool allows Safety Media clients to create their own bespoke courses in minutes. Chris created a new interface; making content more engaging and relevant for end users and more easy to configure for customers. This is great for end users as content is relevant to their role; saving hours of time and frustration with irrelevant content.

“The Course Creator tool is easy and user friendly, it shortens the course and makes it more relevant to our employees, which will gain buy-in and participation”. Paul Squires, HR & Health and Safety Service Delivery Manager, The Federation of Small Businesses

A key concept in instructional design is to incorporate frequent mini-quizzes as well as other opportunities for the students to show what they’ve learned throughout the course. The importance of this content is that these check-up opportunities reinforce the learning for the students and ensures they keep interacting and focused which increases the chances of users remembering the content.

Chris highlighted the importance of engaging e-Learning content when he conducted research and found,

“There is a 40% uplift in pass rate with well-designed courses”. Chris Weston

Well-designed courses help maximise safety within organisations and therefore the safety of employees.

“Proof is in the pudding”

The only way to know if a course is relevant for your audience is to see it for yourself.  If you would like to take a look at our unique, engaging courses that our content team have created, check out our ever-growing course library today. OR alternatively hit the link below to request a free demo of the system.

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