Telegraph Health and Safety Insight Interview with Toby Roberts


Toby Roberts, Managing Director of Safety Media, provided the Telegraph with some detailed Health and Safety Insight.  Drawing on over 20 years experience in the health and safety field, Safety Media’s business leader was best placed to provide an honest insight into the field that he is passionate about improving.

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The essence of the article focuses on the notion that, even in today’s sophisticated society, there are still too many organisations that are deciding to take a calculated risk instead of investing in preventative training when it comes to the health and safety of their employees.

What this means is that organisations are weighing up the cost of training, and other preventative measures, against the cost of a potential fine, should an incident occur, and opting to accept the risk associated with a potential fine instead of the protection of their employees.

This might make some strategic and financial sense from a cold corporate point of view but what Toby flags up is the fact that the safety of one’s employees should not be a matter of bottom line figures, it should be a moral and corporate social responsibility that every employer should do their best to protect their employees.  It is this mindset that Toby claims is Safety Media’s biggest opposition when it comes to people choosing Software as a solution to these issues.

“The fact that organisations actively choose to not train their employees is a devastating trend, in what we claim to be a forward thinking and people-centric business culture in the UK.”

This interview from Toby Roberts, doesn’t claim that we should be combatting this issue through issuing larger fines, but by demanding that the top employers in the UK are judged not simply by financial performance but by their ethics and business morals as well.

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