Unless you live under a rock you will have no doubt heard about the devastating effects of the recent storm named Doris to visit our shores on Thursday. We Brits are renowned for talking about the weather at any given opportunity, so it was no wonder that the recent storm was the topic on most people lips over the past few days. Storm Doris made her presence known up and down the country. With gusts of up to 100 mph winds, and associated extreme weather in all corners of the UK, it seems she barely left a stone unturned during her brief stay.

Large lorries were thrown from the roads, roofing was blown off buildings and the pier at Colwyn Bay in North Wales, which has stood since the year 1900, was ripped to pieces during the storm – not to mention the knock on effect to public transport. Crowds were so large that both London Euston and Kings Cross stations had to be closed during the peak of rush hour, leaving thousands of city commuters having to find alternative routes home.


Here’s some tips on how to be fully prepared for future storms

Insurer NFU mutual has issued a storm checklist to help people prepare for the arrival of future storms

At home

» Stay alert for Met Office Severe Weather warnings

» Don’t risk injury by attempting to clear snow from roofs

» Prepare for power cuts and make sure you have torches, batteries and that generators are ready

» Park your car in the garage if possible

» Secure outdoor garden furniture

» In flood-prone areas, plan how you can move valuables upstairs or raise them from ground level

» Make sure you have your insurer’s emergency helpline available

In the car

» Plan journeys carefully, check the weather forecast and only drive if necessary

» Check your tyres, as well as the levels of your engine oil, coolant and screen washer fluid

» Make sure your lights and battery are in good working order

» Keep a torch, blanket, warm clothing, sensible footwear, a bottle of water and a chocolate bar or two in the car

» Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged, and tune into the radio to keep up to date about road conditions

» Check you have emergency breakdown cover and the contact details- this may be part of your insurance policy


Tim Price, Rural Affairs Specialist at NFU Mutual commented;

“Strong winds in rural areas can cause significant damage as farms and homes are situated on higher ground and less protected by other buildings. Rural areas can be prone to power cuts with lines brought down by high winds and fallen trees.”


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