Safety Media had a great time at the SHE Show South catching up with both old and new faces in the SHE sector. It was great to meet Alan McEnteggart and all the team from Linde who enjoyed the thought provoking sessions as much as we did.


Bernie Catterell, Director of Human Applications talked about getting the board and senior management engaged in the Health & Safety agenda of the organisation and the importance of leading by example from the top of the organisation and focusing on risk management.


One of the key points was that, “No risk is as bad as too much risk” with the usual negative perception of the SHE profession within businesses can be turned around with buy-in at Board level supporting those working in Health & Safety.


Bernie’s 5 basic strategies behind effective Health & Safety leadership were:


    1. Setting clear expectations – defining what good looks like


    1. Driving an effective H&S culture – values


    1. Demanding effective risk management


    1. Demanding legal and HSMS compliance


  1. Demanding effective Root Cause Analysis


Dr. Chris Shinn, Force Medical Officer from Yorkshire Police explored the costs of ill health and the importance of wellbeing for organisations in a really entertaining way through his talk entitled “Putting the fizzy back in your ology”.


The Head of Health, Safety & Quality from Biffa shared his views in, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link” which explored continuous improvement of the Health & Safety culture across the organisation through maintaining the OHSAS 18801 certification.


Professor Guillaume Thierry, Bangor University presented his hypothesis of how we are paradoxically more at risk, the more we feel safe with real life statistics on the majority of road traffic accidents taking place at 30mph and 60mph and 30,000 falls in 2011 being on the same level not from a height. The Arc de Triomphe roundabout example really supported this theory as everyone has a heightened sense of risk.


To summarise, one of the key themes of the talk was to evolve “From box ticking to tick-boxing” which echoes our Safety Media motto that prevention is better than cure.


Written by Meena B, Sales Director Safety Media Ltd 

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