SHE 2018 – Lessons Learned from Keynote Speakers – Clive Woodward

Technology for Success: Clive Woodward

The final of the three Inspirational speakers at the Safety & Health Expo 2018 was Sir Clive Woodward.  When going to sit down in the theatre I genuinely did not know what to expect from this session; what I heard not only surprised but as a software provider, delighted me….how to use technology for success.

Clive Woodward: Technology is key to success

The overall message from Sir Clive was that there are many similarities between success in business and success in sport and the key behind all of this is data and technology. He introduced the audience to the secret behind Arsene Wenger’s huge success as a football manager which also helped Sir Clive lead the England Rugby squad to World Cup success. What was this secret….it was a piece of software called Prozone.

How did Sir Clive use Technology for Success?

The technology and software used in Prozone uses an array of cameras fitted at height around a stadium to track every single movement a player makes throughout a game.  He described his day with Wenger as one of the best and most important days of his life as his next move was to persuade the board at Twickenham to install the same technology.

Embracing the software solution allowed him to analyse the game and his players in a totally new way.  The data showed who was running the furthest, the fastest, their positioning at all times….there was nowhere to hide.   This worked not only for the England team but any team that played at the stadium and so the team soon gathered data on many of their stronger opponents.  Allowing them to take the personalities out of the situation and view each player as a dot / data allowed there to be objective analysis of playing styles in a way never achieved previously.

Encouraging buy in for technology

In order for the team to not feel like they were being spied on, each was supplied with a laptop so they could monitor their own player data.  It allowed his captain, Martin Johnson, to become an amazing leader as he could use his talent according to actual rather than perceived strengths and performance. The key message that Sir Clive kept referring back to was:

“Whoever wins in IT tends to win”

Getting the best out of individuals leads to a great team, and this applies to any industry or situation.  The application of data recording and analysis can also be applied across any industry and is especially important in the field of health and safety.

DNA of a Champion

Sir Clive went on to talk about the DNA of a champion outlining four characteristics that make up a team or organisation:

  • Talent – Natural abilities
  • Student – Act like a sponge
  • Warrior – Thinking Correctly Under Pressure (TCUP)
  • Champion – The person with an obsession and passion for detail

Being able to identify these people within the DNA of your organisation will allow you to ensure they work together to the benefit of your end goal….how do you identify them?  With data…

3D Learning

This approach to being a “Student” allows people and organisations to continually grow, evaluate, learn and succeed.

Discover – WHAT – Capture and share information.  Ask for feedback, suggestions and thoughts from internal and external sources wherever possible.  You never know what a fresh pair of eyes may see that you are not seeing.

Distil – WHY – Identify what it is that is making something successful and how this can be communicated, replicated and expanded upon.

Do – HOW – Identify how things are being done and how they link to the key end goals and ultimately how these can be made better.

Lessons learned about using technology for success

  • Using data takes out the personal element of analysis
  • Gathering data is not enough, analysis and processing is key
  • Technology can help make data gathering and analysis simple and meaningful
  • Gather ideas and feedback from multiple internal and external sources
  • “Be a Sponge”

At Safety Media we provide a complete suite of health and safety software designed to make the most of technology to make recording and reporting of information as easy as possible.  Housed in one simple to use online portal there is access to integrated e-Learning, Incident Reporting, Audit, Document Management and Risk Assessment tools linked to a complete reporting and analysis suite.  For more information about how you can use technology or software to help achieve your health and safety goals call 01745 535000 or contact us via our handy form.

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