Cold Weather Warning

A severe cold weather alert has been issued by The Met Office this morning with a 90% probability of cold weather, heavy snow and icy conditions hitting huge parts of the UK between tonight and Sunday.

This weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disturb the delivery of services. If you drive to work or drive as part of your working day it might be a good idea to brush up on some very handy winter weather driving tips.

Driving in severe weather conditions poses many challenges, it can be difficult to drive even on familiar roads. If you’re planning on traveling some distance and the journey is essential, it is extremely important that you prepare and check your car before commencing.

Here is some advice on how to prepare your car for severe cold weather:

Before you leave…

Ensure your tyres are inflated correctly and that you have a minimum of 3mm of tread on your tyres to cope with wet and slippery conditions.

Screen wash
Keep it topped up and use a proper additive at the right concentration to prevent it freezing.

Keep your tank topped up just in case if you are caught out, you should have enough fuel to make it home or run the engine to keep warm.

Clear all snow and ice from the windscreen and the roof of the car before driving off.

Warm Clothing
Always pack the following: warm coat, gloves, hat, blanket, food, biscuits and water. Always carry a fully charged mobile.

Remember! Always allow more time for your journey.

What you should know about driving in snow and ice:

Recommended by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, when driving in snow you should get your speed right. You should not drive too fast, so that you risk losing control, but you should not drive so slow that you risk losing momentum when you need it. Always break, steer and accelerate as smoothly as possible. Staying in a higher gear will give you better control.

Stopping distances should triple, always drive so that you do not rely on your breaks to be able to stop – on an icy surface they simply may not do that for you.

If the weather is severe, ask yourself if the journey is really necessary? If you’re not fully prepared or know what to do if an emergency arises you could put yourself and others in serious danger.

Safety Media’s Winter Weather Awareness e-Learning course will help you prepare for your journey to and from work. At the end of the course, trainees will have a knowledge of the following:

  • Identify the key considerations when deciding whether your journey is essential
  • Prepare adequately for your journey to work
  • Reduce the risks of slips and falls
  • Take appropriate action to maintain safety when working outside
  • Recognise the signs of overexposure in cold conditions

Do what you can to look after your employees, be a responsible employer and know that you have supplied them with accurate instructions on how to get to and from work safely.

You can download the Winter Weather Awareness course description here or if you require any further information please get in touch with one of our experts today on +44 (0)1745 535000 or email

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