Safety Media sponsors the Barbour EHS Risk Assessment Webinar

Risk Assessment Barbour Webinar

Safety Media are proudly sponsoring the Barbour EHS Risk Assessment Webinar which is happening this morning from 11am – 12pm.

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As a Health & Safety professional, you will know that risk assessment is critical and should not be done by the health and safety professional alone – but often is the case.

The webinar will look at bringing the concept alive by using fresh approaches by making the whole risk assessment process relevant and engaging.

Justin Hughes, former Red Arrows Executive Officer will be talking about dynamic risk assessment, as well as Ruth Denyer from ITV who has worked on an exciting approach for TV productions and Heather Beach of The Healthy Work Company.

Safety Media Risk Management

One of the key benefits of Safety Media’s Enterprise portal is the ease with which administrators can identify, assess, manage, and report upon potential and specific risks in your organisation. Risk Management is more than just conducting annual risk assessments, although these are obviously a vital part of the process, full cycle risk management encompasses much more.

For more information of Safety Media’s Risk Management software, email the team on or give us a call +44 (0)1745 535000 today.

Barbour EHS have been helping organisations stay safe and compliant for over 50 years and are there to help you improve efficiency, save time and reduce costs across a diverse range of responsibilities.

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