Safety Media challenge perceptions on ‘off the shelf’ e-Learning courses and prove that they can be engaging and tailored to your work needs and requirements.

The Course Creator will enable all Enterprise e-Learning administrators to access the full library of 115 e-Learning content and pick ‘snippets’ of any title of your choice. You can create short 15 minute courses or one long 10 hour course. The order and length of the content is in your hands.

The concept is as simple as creating a music playlist; all the clips are there for you to choose from and you select which ones you want and the order you want to play them. Course Creator is the same. When you think of the health and safety online courses you have sat through, has it all been relevant to you and your workplace? Not necessarily. If you work in construction, health and safety rules in an office environment won’t necessarily apply to you.

This brilliant tool enables administrators to delete sections that are not applicable to their staff and workplace. Simply choose your course objective and then with a simple five step process, you can create your very own course;

  1. Search for relevant subjects
  2. Drag / Add them to your course
  3. Finalise your running order
  4. Add test and checklist questions
  5. Publish

Following all Safety Media courses, users have to complete risk checklists and self tests to prove their comprehension of the course and their understanding of the workplace. As an administrator, you can edit or add new questions to ensure that your staff are clear on their health and safety responsibilities. Although courses created using Course Creator will not be eligible to carry the RoSPA approval seal, the fact the material is the same provides administrators with reassurance that they are providing top quality training to their employees.

To discuss the Course Creator in more detail with a friendly member of our team, give us a call on +44 (0)1745 535000 or email us We aim to help you find the solution you’ve been looking for.

If you would like to find out more about this amazing new feature you can watch our video » 


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