Tips for safe, healthy and happy holidays


It’s summer season and time for a well-deserved holiday! UK schools have already broken up and right on cue, sunny days are finally here.

Healthy and safe holiday planning

Being healthy and safe on holiday is common sense so we can enjoy ourselves – but simple precautions are often forgotten in the rush.

And sadly, every year brings devastating news of fatal falls from hotel balconies, accidents on hired motorbikes and scooters, plus a host of other injuries. Though all these incidents are rare, they’re a reminder of how serious an accident on holiday can be.

You can plan ahead to stay safe. For most types of holiday, specific advice is available online.

For example, if you’re a travelling as a group of adults and planning activities and nights out, there are five useful tips for staying safe here: stick together; use tech; check in; agree a meeting point; and look after each other’s drinks.

Swim safe

Swimming safety is a big focus this year. Hot weather tempts many people to swim outdoors, even those who are less confident in the water. The growth of outdoor and wild swimming for adults is encouraging even more of us to dive in. Safe swimming, particularly for children, should always be front of mind. Taking measures to prevent drowning is a major concern of RoSPA, and you can read their tips and advice for children in the Water Safety Code here.

The Code encourages everyone to spot the dangers before swimming – for example outdoor swimming can be much colder or deeper than we’re used to, and in some places it can be difficult to get out of the water. There’s much more advice, and an essential guide to the water safety signs you’ll see on the beach and elsewhere, on their website.

Simple holiday checklists

For most holidaymakers, keeping healthy and safe on holiday isn’t such a serious matter, but putting together a checklist of simple and achievable precautions can make a big difference.

After all, it’s sometimes the relatively small problems that we remember from our holidays rather than the great times. How often do you hear friends or relatives tell you about a delayed flight or the one rainy day in ten they had? Minor incidents and even sunburn could have the same effect on your holiday. So, why not start that checklist to make sure you’ve packed the right level of sunscreen for the climate, maybe some insect bite treatment, and definitely something to help avoid blisters from those new holiday sandals!

10 quick tips

Finally… if you’re heading on holiday or enjoying the sun at home, check out these 10 Summer Top Tips!

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