Dreamflight is a charity that changes young lives through taking care of children with a serious illness or disability on the holiday of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida.

Once a year, 192 deserving children from all over the UK, accompanied by a team of medical carers, board a chartered Boeing 747 and head to Florida for 10 days of fun and excitement. Many children could not undertake such a trip without the support of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and volunteers who take care of the children twenty-four hours a day.

Dreamflight is solely funded by volunteers and voluntary contributions, and has just six employees. For that reason, every year The Learning & Performance Institute gather their employees and customers together to help raise money for this incredible charity by creating their very own calendar.

We’ll do anything for a good cause…

This year was all about iconic scenes from movies, music and TV shows, so when Safety Media’s Managing Director, Toby Roberts was asked to join in on the fun and most importantly help raise money, he couldn’t say no:

“The creation of the calendar really is great fun, the day is organised really well by the LPI team. It’s a privilege to be asked to help raise money for such a worthy cause – Dreamflight.”

This short video will take you behind the scenes – it really is worth a watch »


The calendar is only £10, click on this link to order yours today »












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