PUWER – What, How and Why?


What is PUWER?

PUWER stands for the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. Its main objective is to ensure that work equipment does not compromise Health & Safety, regardless of its age, condition or origin.

PUWER applies to all equipment that is provided and used at work – in short, it aims to make working life safer.

The PUWER regulations aim to ensure that all equipment is:

  • Suitable for its intended purpose
  • Regularly maintained to ensure safety
  • Only used by people who have received adequate training
  • Inspected by a competent worker.

Who does PUWER apply to?

  • Employers
  • Self-employed people and the equipment they control or use
  • Those who are employed to supervise or manage the use of equipment operated by others.

How is it enforced?

An improvement will be given to a piece of work equipment if it is badly maintained, damaged, or has not undergone the adequate inspections and risk assessment.

It may also be served a notice if a health and safety inspector feels there are inadequate systems in place to ensure its continued maintenance.

If the regulations are followed correctly, you will pass health and safety checks and avoid any costly delays due to equipment being put out of action by prohibition notices.

Why is training important?

As well as the equipment, the PUWER regulations focus on the knowledge, training and experience of the user. Before working and handling any sort of machine, it is mandatory that the person must be competent to use it.

Machine users are expected to understand the equipment and its risks and carry out working inspections and testing of safety devices. Everyone has a legal right to protect themselves, especially in an environment where machines can be a potential hazard to the people around the working environment.

Employers, employees, contractors and suppliers all need to be trained before partaking their everyday roles.

Safety Media provide a short interactive course on PUWER where trainees will be able to understand the following at the end of the course:

  • Identify the key requirements of the PUWER regulations
  • State what equipment is covered
  • Identify key duties and responsibilities
  • Recognise the key risks associated with using work equipment
  • Identify ways of reducing the risks when using work equipment
  • Take appropriate action to maintain safety.

If you want further information or a demonstration of our PUWER course, or to find out about all our courses, get in touch with one of our team members on +44 (0)1745 535000 or email sales@safetymedia.co.uk



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