PT sessions 3 month update – we’re loving it


By: Helene Simmons, HR Manager

It’s 3 months since we had our first PT session, in our car park, with Kelly, #eattrainlive. Rain or shine we have been shaking off a day at our desks (quite literally shaking after doing planks!) and getting fitter.

Alongside some curious looks from our fellow business park residents we’ve been learning a whole new fitness language: ‘dead bugs’, ‘super mans’, ‘dishes’ and ‘bowls’.

Despite some groans the day after, we have a core group of devotees and new members joining us on a weekly basis. One of my colleagues had to miss the session last week (for legitimate reasons!) and was gutted that this had broken their 100% attendance record.

Go Team Safety Media!


What does it mean to us?

Now we’re 3 months in, we asked our fitness crew, ‘What do the PT sessions mean to you?’

Here’s what they said:

‘Personally, achieving centre and of being for a moment away from responsibilities… and improved fitness levels as a group through the medium of pain. Odd thing is I enjoy it.’

‘I enjoy the team spirit, challenging myself and doing it all outside in the fresh air (it doesn’t always rain in North Wales!)’

rope-exercisesLearning the ropes





training-in-the-sunProof – it’s always sunny in North Wales!





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