Oman Air have announced that they have introduced Virus-Guard disinfectant wipes to their planes in order to reduce serious health threats from the transference of germs and bacteria. The wipes are designed to protect against viruses such as ‘swine flu, H1N1, H7N9, Ebola, Mers and Zika’. Staff are using the wipes to clean all handles, aisles and toilets – anything to protect travellers and themselves from such contagious diseases.

Miguel Serra, vice president of ground operations for Oman Air has said ;

“We are committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our passengers and employees. Our partnership with Virus-Guard will help ensure that we are taking all the necessary steps and precautions for swift and coordinated action against international health threats.”

Oman Air are monitoring the Zika virus status closely and updating their website on a regular basis with the latest news from the World Health Organisation. They are also offering refunds and re-booking service to any pregnant women due to travel to a region where the virus has been reported. The amount of infections that are caused by micro-organisms has seen a significant growth so it is vital that the spread of these germs and bacteria can be reduced as much as possible to minimise the threat of any outbreaks. Oman Air are not the only ones to adopt this policy; they have joined a long list of major aviation leaders who have also adopted the Virus-Guard wipes to their carriers.

“Virus Guard disinfectant wipes are a ready-to-use product that provides long term efficiency, and is an easy to use solution for eradicating germs. The wipes contain benzalkonium chloride, sodium pyrithione and polycondenstaes, a combination commonly used in hospitals and other medical treatment facilities. All Virus Guard products are bio-compatible, approved for Airbus, Boeing and boast a long-time antimicrobial effect.”

Founder of Virus Guard said that the company is working with their aviation partners in order to continue making customer safety their top priority.

Ensuring health and safety compliance is a necessity whatever sector or industry you work in. Introducing new preventative measures such as the Virus Guard wipes, to avoid spread of diseases and ensure the health & well-being of everyone involved, increases confidence in people and instils a good sense of security.

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