As one of the fastest-growing regions in the health and safety industry, the Middle East always has plenty of interesting news to be reported on.  From award winners to special events, here are some of the biggest headlines to have come out of the area in recent memory.

Award Winners at 2015’s fmME Announced

One of the most sought after accolades for businesses in the region is to be recognised as The Health and Safety Initiative of the Year. At this year’s fmME Awards, Imdaad took the top honours for concept delivery and facilitation.

300 guests attended this year’s event and were present to watch 15 awards being handed out to the region’s biggest achievers, there big or small. An unsung hero by the name of Jothieswaran was commemorated at the awards for evacuating and saving lives during the infamous Torch Tower incident.

Hamad Medical Corporation Host Middle East Forum

Representatives from all over congregated for the third annual Middle East Forum on health and safety in healthcare at the end of May.

33 workshops and 6 keynote speakers were on the agenda from the 29th to 31st of May and they were enjoyed by almost 3000 professional attendees. Speaking before the event, Gary Needle, co-chair for the forum said: “The Middle East Forum is becoming an important regional platform for healthcare professionals where quality and safety improvements are discussed openly; ideas are shared and challenges are highlighted.”

With so much interest in 2015’s event, you can expect that 2016 will be an even bigger and better occasion for all involved.


Ramadan Starting on 18th June

The lifestyles of many people in the Middle-East are set to change during the middle of the month with the approach of Ramadan not too far away.

From a health and safety perspective, people have been advised to avoid drinking too much coffee and smoking when fasting as it can lead to lucidity and a whole range of safety issues. Drinking plenty of water is vital during the holy month to maintain focus and composure.

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