Our London Sales Manager Steve Webster, opened up the LTSF expo last month with the first seminar of the day.

Steve wanted to test the audience’s attention span using a 3 minute video. He asked people to raise their hands if they found they lost attention or got bored, the majority did so after only 1.5 minutes.

The point of the exercise was, with regards to Health & Safety e-Learning training to show that, even though the user has ‘relatively relevant’ information in front of them they still lose attention in the short period of 3 minutes. The concept of having the ability to sort your own course order, via subjects and topics to make content more relevant and appropriate to the user and the organisation seemed like hopeful optimism, but Safety Media have made this possible with their new tool, Course Creator.

Steve listed a number of words that people regularly use to describe their standard e-learning courses:

“Long      Easy      Boring      Generic      Irrelevant      Dull”

People don’t want the above, they want the complete opposite with regards to their e-Learning. Everyone wants short, concise, pertinent material which is to the point AND engaging but still based on approved and accredited material.

With engaging and appealing content, learners/employees will relate to it better and therefore be more productive and more importantly, actually LEARN something. Making learning fun and interesting increases the interaction and desire to learn – it makes perfect sense.

With the Course Creator, Steve emphasised that in five simple steps administrators can create their own courses using existing ‘off-the-shelf’ content but the order and use of the content itself is in their hands.

Safety Media want to promote a ‘fresh approach’ to traditional e-Learning – and Steve proved in his seminar that we can do just that.


If this has sparked an interest or raised/answered your questions on e-Learning and how ‘off-the-shelf’ content can be more engaging, then please give us a call on +44 (0)1745 535000 or email us: sales@safetymedia.co.uk. We’ll be happy to show you a more in-depth look at the course creator, if you fill in this short form»


If you couldn’t make it to the Learning Technologies Summer Forum last month, then you can watch Steve’s seminar for yourself »


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