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According to Hitachi Capital the survey found that SMEs are not looking to stay at the same level, but to grow, with one in four SMEs now looking to alternative markets to achieve growth, a 13% increase on six months ago.

Whilst the strain of red tape, regulations and ‘fixed costs’ is a constant strain on UK businesses, the survey suggests that businesses are slowly waking up to the realisation that too narrow a focus on the financial aspects of running a business will ultimately restrict growth. Hitachi Capital suggest that over two in five businesses will not only be looking to hire new people, but also investing in new equipment in order to achieve growth.

For an employer, Health & Safety could be a very dangerous oversight that could potentially ruin a business. At Safety Media we believe that addressing Health & Safety within a business should not be seen as a regulatory burden, but should be seen as a chance to offer significant opportunities by reducing costs and risks.

Other benefits could include fewer accidents in the workplace, lessened threat of legal action, lower employee and turnover rates, better reputation for corporate responsibility…the list really does go on.

Training via e-Learning is a win-win for any employer. Safety Media can offer you an e-Learning solution which can be taken on a five year plus contract, which will instantly ensure your Health & Safety training costs are known and fixed for a long period of time. This means that by having the security of a fixed solution your business will not encounter the human and financial costs of failing to address Health & Safety correctly. The long term savings and forecastable cash flow suddenly becomes invaluable.

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