When an incident occurs in the workplace, it’s vital that you know how to properly manage it so that it’s avoidable in the future.
Safety Media’s Incident Reporting tool allows you to report on dangers, near misses and accidents in a simplistic and efficient way.

How does it work?

Users are able to log in to the system using their standard credentials before filling in a form to report an incident. If that sounds simple, that’s because it is – all of Safety Media’s software thrives on simplicity and our Incident Reporting tool is no different.

What does it include?

Identifying key areas of concern is important for Health and Safety managers. Our tool allows for an easy process of reporting which can segment incidents into region and severity. After collating this information, managers will be able to effectively implement preventative methods to quell any dangers using the following steps:

Step 1: Initial Reporting

One of the benefits of this tool is that it allows you to record the step-by-step incident and what occurred during it. For instance, if an employee fell over and injured their knee but also inadvertently knocked over an expensive laptop at the same time, you have the capability to report asset damage also. You may also include photographs from the scene and scans of personal information such as business cards or insurance documents from all of those involved – this is especially pertinent if the incident occurs as part of a road accident or collision.

Step 2: Management of the Incident

If the unfortunate does happen and you’re left with an incident to report on, you will want to make it as straightforward a process as possible. Luckily, the Incident Reporting tools means you can automate sending out the relevant information to management simply and easily. Once they are aware of the issue, they can then respond accordingly to the situation.

Even better, if you so choose, you can automatically distribute your report to the HSE under RIDDOR regulations, but this is completely the prerogative of your organisation.

Step 3: Reporting 

By analysing trends and monitoring them, areas of concern can be addressed within the business before they continue to cause issues. For instance, if a sector of the business has a fair higher rate of incidents than another, this will be plain to see within the helpful diagram.

The incident pyramid is another factor of the module which helps Health and Safety managers with their reporting. You can organise incidents by location and personnel, as well as being able to pinpoint trends and hotspots, which be reflected in the various charts on your editable dashboard.

It’s not just accidents which can be monitored within your dashboard; you can track absences, damages and more from your intuitive, simple interface.

How can I find out more?

To learn more about how our Incident reporting module  or other health and safety software can assist your health and safety responsibilities, call us on +44 (0)1745 535000 or email

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