How can you begin a Fire Safety programme?



Lack of Fire Safety puts you and your staff in danger. Don’t risk serious injuries to your team, fines for your business, and even prison sentences for breaches.

But how do you start a Fire Safety programme, and how can you maintain it? We’re helping to #MakeSafetySimple this month – so here’s a quick guide.

You’ll need to consider your premises, regular staff training, and training for new starters. Why not find out if an e-Learning system will help you?

What are the consequences of fire?

Serious injuries and even fatalities, fines for Directors of companies, and businesses having to stop their operations to fix damage and make premises safe.

Recent fines include:

  • A new-build housing development caused fires – and fines of £280,000.
  • £30,000 for injuries caused by a gas leak fire in Whitstable.
  • £40,000 for injuries in a manufacturing fire that also stopped production for five months.
  • A major breach on the Brae Alpha offshore gas platform led to an blast and a fine of over £1million.

Be aware of risk in your workplace, take action to reduce risk, and avoid injuries and fines.

Fire Safety courses

The place to start is a Fire Safety course for all staff.

It’s a must-have training course about how fires start, how to prevent them, and what to do in case of an emergency. At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:

  • Identify the key steps of a fire risk assessment
  • Recognise the value of good housekeeping
  • Distinguish the key elements of the Fire Triangle
  • Recognise the key sources of fire
  • Identify the main types of fire-fighting equipment
  • Understand the key steps of an evacuation procedure
  • Identify their role in an emergency

You can build out your programme for Fire Wardens with a separate e-learning course to give guidance about the daily duties and responsibilities of a Fire Warden.

But it’s crucial to consider where responsibility rests, so Directors should take full training for health and safety awareness. This specific course for Directors is targeted at board level directors and senior management, highlighting the reality of health and safety responsibilities and the consequences that failure to meet them could have.

Over 100 courses are available, including multi-language and scalable solutions to suit any size or structure of organisation. Find out more about a free demo below, or contact us on +44 (0) 1745 535000 or

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