Gold Small Workplace Health Award


Our well-being journey.

Following actions from our employee engagement surveys we commenced our well-being journey here at Safety Media HQ.

Including our free fruit of the week, well-being topic of the month, doing our desk exercises, a monthly well-being forum and weekly HIIT training in our car park. Phew!

Gold Award

We are proud to announce that ‘keeping our beings well’ has been externally recognised with the achievement of the Gold Small Workplace Health Award; the national quality mark for health and well-being here in Wales.

Gold Small Workplace Award

Here’s some feedback from the team:

‘The Healthy Wellbeing Topics each month have made me assess my eating, mental health and fitness levels.’
‘I love the fitness session on a Thursday evening – hard work but great fun, fantastic team building and an immense achievement at the end of the session.’
‘I’m now an avid reader of food labels in the supermarket. Some shocking fat and sugar contents in some of my now non-favourites!’
‘It’s getting us all focused on healthy minds and bodies.’
‘Even after a full-on day, where you question if you have enough energy for our post work fitness sessions I go… and feel so much better for it – though my legs might hate the office stairs the next day!’

A big thank you to Kelly Evans, eattrainlive, who does a fantastic job keeping all us all motivated for our weekly team fitness sessions. We all feel better for it, despite the groans!

About Kelly Evans:
Twitter: eattrainliveuk
Instagram: eattrainliveuk/

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