Help safeguard your employees and minimise disruption with free Coronavirus eLearning

New course available

If you are looking to educate your employees on the prevention of Coronavirus and are planning ways to minimise disruption, a free eLearning course for all staff is now available*.

The Coronavirus spread is a fast-paced and dynamic situation that we are all faced with. Helping to keep employees healthy and continuing to support customers are key priorities for all businesses. With the increasing news coverage surrounding the latest Coronavirus outbreak affecting communities across the world, it’s essential to avoid misinformation and remain alert and aware, by equipping yourself and your employees with the correct knowledge to help minimise the spread of the virus.

You may be exploring ways to provide consistent training in rapid timescales or enabling remote working with cloud-based software. This new course by Access covers the issues: from what the Coronavirus is and how it affects people, to what steps you can take to limit the chances of infection.

The course has now been added to your LMS ready to use* or where applicable via a link that you will have received by email. You can allocate the course to your users today through the training plans, just like any of the other courses in your platform. In the training plans you’ll find the course under assign courses / MicroLearn / Health & Safety.

*The full free course is made available via Safety Media LMS platforms, therefore is only currently freely available to existing Safety Media customers using Express, Enterprise and SCORM. If you are not a Safety Media customer, we have made some helpful information available here.

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