First Aid in the workplace is essential for the immediate treatment of accidents before help from the emergency services arrive and admin of any aid to injuries. It is vital in all places of work that there is an appointed person responsible for taking charge of the first aid box and for larger companies, they require a professional first-aider. An employer must provide these as a minimum.

As an employee you should know who your first aider is and if there isn’t one, you can request to be considered. The HSE state that your employer is expected to have:

  • Completed a first-aid needs assessment
  • Ensured that there is either an appointed person to take charge of first-aid arrangements or there are appropriate numbers of suitably trained first-aiders
  • Ensured there are adequate facilities and a suitably stocked first aid kit
  • Provided you with information about the first-aid arrangements

The HSE also recommend as an employee, you should make your employer aware of any allergies or medication you may have or need so they can ‘make the first-aiders aware and they can receive the additional training necessary to ensure your care, should you be taken ill at work’.

Safety Media have two First Aid courses in their ever expanding library; these are First Aid in the workplace (Employees) and First Aid in the workplace (Managers). After sitting the course, trainees will be able to;

  • Appreciate the importance of first aid at work
  • Recognise the legal obligations and minimum provisions with respect to first aid
  • Identify the correct steps when responding to an accident, incident or injury
  • Take appropriate action in response to accidents and emergencies at work

This course is designed not only to make employees appreciate the importance of first aid at work, but also learn how to correctly respond to various incidents, accidents or injuries and take appropriate actions accordingly. Practical training is still required for first aiders but this will give all employees an overview.

Managers sitting the first aid course will be able to do all of the above and additionally, recognise additional provisions that are required for high-risk workplaces. The course is aimed at managers who want to appreciate the importance of first aid at work and identify the correct steps when responding to an accident or injury.

If you would like to view the course chapters and see how it works then you can download the course description PDF’s here » Managers Employees.

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