Farm Safety Week starts today and its focus will be to promote the importance of protecting workers and the public on farms and within the agricultural industry.

Supported by the Farm Safety Foundation, the Health & Safety Executive and Farm Safety Partnerships ‘Farm Safety Week’ will take place alongside the Royal Welsh Show, which is the pinnacle event in the British agriculture calendar.

The campaign will focus on the fact that Farm Safety is a lifestyle not a slogan.

Farming continues to have one of the poorest safety records of any occupation in the UK & Ireland. Last year’s HSE Health & Safety in Agriculture report stated that there were 27 fatal injuries to farm workers in 2015/2016 in Great Britain. 21 people lost their lives in farm accidents in the Republic of Ireland and an additional 12 in Northern Ireland.

The fatal injury rate for agriculture is 18 times higher than the five-year average for all industries.

Farmers of all ages are still taking risks when working and this needs to stop.

Stephanie Berkeley, from the Farm Safety Foundation, the charity behind Farm Safety Week, said:

“Farming as an industry is absolutely vital to the UK economy: it is the bedrock of our food and drink industry. On a farm, as with any business, the number one resource is the people, so why is it that year-on-year we are seeing these hard working and dedicated people suffering life-changing and life-ending accidents?

Unlike other occupations, farmers don’t normally retire at 65 and often work well into their 80s. Simple factors such as habit, haste, fatigue and improperly-maintained machinery contribute to this perfect storm. This Farm Safety Week we hope that by hearing the stories of other farmers who have had personal experience of farm accidents, we can get farmers of all ages to realise that this week – and every week – farm safety is a lifestyle, not a slogan.”

Safety Media’s interactive e-Learning Farm Safety course will only take you around 30 minutes to complete and will cover the following chapters:

» Roles & Responsibilities
» Typical Hazards
» Farm Scenarios
» Health & Problems in Agriculture

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to understand the dangers of agriculture, recognise the responsibilities of employers, employees and farmers, identify the typical hazards on a farm and much more.

It's Farm Safety Week

Farm Safety








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Agricultural environments can pose a variety of different risks and hazards and not just to farmers. Anyone from vets to estate agents can be at risk if their work brings them into contact with farming.

“Our focus is on preparing the next generation of farmers to be responsible, confident and safe farmers of the future and our ambition is clear – to find a way to stop farmers having life changing accidents and dying at work.”  Farm Safety Foundation.

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