Recent market research has reported that there is to be a dramatic increase in the use of e-learning and authoring tools from 2016-2020.

The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is expected to rise by 7.72% within a four year period, according to the “Global Content Authoring Tools Market” report.

Key Vendors are constantly seeking to improve and introduce innovative products that can create great content in a short amount of time and at a low cost, therefore, rapid learning content and authoring tools have sprung up in the market.

There are of course, e-learning content standards that vendors have to adhere to and comply with, such as the Shareable Content Object Reference Model, also known as “SCORM”.


Health & Safety is never the top of anyone’s priority list and it isn’t the most exhilarating of subjects to address, but by using e-learning within Health & Safety, we make something that’s not necessarily exciting into something that’s a lot quicker, simple to use and very engaging!

We provide different on-line training solutions depending on what you require as an organisation. These e-learning options are Enterprise E-Learning, E-Fit and Express. Whether you require the full package that Safety Media provide and you have over 100 employees or whether you just want a quick and simple LMS solution targeted specifically to a small close knit team, then we have the e-learning solution for you.

Brilliantly, within the e-learning platform, depending on the option you choose, you can be up and running in a couple of days to a matter of hours! We believe it to be the easiest and most efficient way to comply with your health & safety legal requirements,  with minimum downtime from your employees everyday tasks.

We pride ourselves on our  e-learning courses and software solutions, all of which are completely SCORM compatible.

The solution is cost efficient, has fast delivery, the training is consistent, it is completely self-paced and all reports are automated, saving time, reducing carbon footprint and limiting human errors.

More importantly, the interactive training is fun and simple!

With the report’s findings in mind – and our continual updates and innovative ideas to ensure we are constantly a lead provider in our field, we ensure that by 2020 our on-line platforms will be of the same high standards as they are now.

If your organisation wants to follow the e-learning trend and you require assistance on how to meet your training objectives more easily, please feel free to contact us today on 01745 535000, or visit our website and see for yourself – Safety Media is here to help you!

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