An Emirates jetliner crash landed in Dubai International airport as the belly of the plane hit the runway. Miraculously 282 passengers and 18 crew members all evacuated the plane safely before the engine caught on fire and the plane went up in flames.

Officials believe the landing gear was faulty or failed to work correctly which resulted in the plane hitting the floor. Horrified travellers witnessed the plane crash land and explode from inside the airports other terminals. Despite the dramatic escape and the panic, onlookers and people who were on board the plane, managed to capture footage of escaping the plane that was emitting thick black smoke, eventually catching fire.

According to air traffic control, the pilot decided to abort landing to ‘go-around’, a procedure in which Pilots are trained very well, however, the aircraft ended up on the runway instead, believed to be the result of the ‘wind shear’ that day.

Once crew and passengers were evacuated, fire firefighters stripped the plane and searched for evidence as to why the plane landed as it did. Unfortunately, one fire fighter, Jasim Issa Mohammad, died while trying to put out the flames. The General Civil Aviation Authority have classed him a hero as he sacrificed his life to save others.

After the incident involving flight EK521, all other flight arrivals and departures were suspended for over five hours but authorities allowed flights to resume from Dubai airport at 6:30pm. It’s the first time in nearly forty years that an Emirates plane has been damaged beyond repair. This is a huge blow to the carrier company, as it was voted the world’s top airline just weeks before.

Shaikh Ahmad, president of Dubai Civil Aviation and chairman of Emirates Airlines stated at a press conference that the plane was up to date with inspection checks;

“As an operator, it’s our duty to apply all the rules when it comes to safety. It was very much clear to land that day. Our priority right now is the safety of our passengers and crew and communicating with their families and friends.”

Investigators are working closely with Emirates Airlines and Dubai airport to establish the cause of the accident. Everyone is thankful to the cabin crew who followed their safety and evacuation procedures perfectly, getting every member out of the carrier in an impressive five minutes from the plane crash landing. Safety checks and procedures are vital and every person’s life on that plane was saved due to these procedures being followed.

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