The (DHA) Dubai Health Authority have announced their new eight page health supplement titled ‘Better Health.’

It will be published every single Monday throughout the emirate of Dubai to subscribers of Gulf News.

Not only will it educate residents on well-being, it will also include the latest health news and updates on the DHA.

Health Awareness Benefits…

Humaid Al Qutami, Chairman of the board and Director of DHA stated;

“Prevention and well-being are the focal points of the DHA’s Dubai Health Strategy 2016-21 and community outreach programmes are important to educate people on how to lead a healthier life.”

By the DHA using the media to put their medical information across, they can promote awareness and disease prevention to the masses.

‘Better Health’ will be engaging to the reader and will recommend the latest workouts and exercises. It will also list suggested nutritious foods and their beneficial properties including deeper topics to read up on such as well-being, mental and physical.

Abdul Ahmad, Executive Director for Al Nisr Publishing, (who are responsible for publishing Gulf News) says he is thankful the leading English-language newspaper in the region collaborated with the DHA.

Copies of the supplement have also been distributed across 5,000 facilities in Dubai to ensure a greater number of residents have access to the educational content.

The supplement may only be paper based for now but there are plans for the future to create a health-based app to promote awareness on the topic even more.


Health & Safety awareness is vital in the home and the workplace today.

Remaining on top of the latest Health & Safety updates, news, findings, or on-line training is highly recommended and Dubai are addressing this by sharing this supplement to residents in the region to deliberately increase awareness.

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