We have all been there- sat in the workplace on our induction week clicking through monotonous, long winded courses that nearly have us falling asleep at the screen. At Safety Media, twenty years in the field has enabled us to see what works and what doesn’t and our clients have helped us develop our e-Learning and software with their recommendations. If users don’t find their health and safety e-Learning engaging then they will lose motivation and therefore lose interest. When it comes to Health & Safety, subject awareness is vital to ensure safe working practices are adopted.

If you develop e-Learning courses, here are 6 tips to help you maintain user engagement and motivation.

1) Don’t bombard the user

By saying less, the user won’t be overwhelmed with fact after fact. Try using eye catching imagery and graphics that grab the learner’s attention straight away.

2) Be challenging

We all love a challenge, so it is highly motivational if we are set one to complete in a certain time frame. Asking the user questions during the course makes them pay attention more in order to achieve ‘good results’.

3) Show emotion

We don’t enjoy sitting at a computer watching generic facts, we like to get our teeth into a scenario that gets us involved. By showing real life situations, safety consequences and benefits for example, people sitting the course will be intrigued to keep listening and watching, gaining vital attention.

4) Break courses down

In order to remember key information, try making your e-Learning courses smaller so they are more digestible. This keeps courses concise and to the point. Remember, new employees won’t be as familiar with company jargon as older employees will.

5) Be current

We have all seen the grey scale, retro health and safety training videos that include bad actors and historical scripts. Make sure your e-Learning videos go straight to the core of the matter and avoid all the irrelevant cheesy extras. Using bright imagery and graphics will gain attention.

6) Provide confidence

If learners believe that the work they do during the e-Learning course will reap merit, they are more likely to get involved and fully apply themselves. Consider providing certificates of attainment at the end of each course with the option to print it out. It’s simple yet effective and produces satisfaction, therefore creating motivation for further learning.

If you would prefer to look for an ‘off the shelf’ solution or take a look at our new Course Creator tool then get in touch on +44 (0)1745 535000 or sales@safetymedia.co.uk.





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