After a worker lost his life underneath forklift truck in 2013, the Leicestershire firm responsible have been sentenced in court in the past week.

The 33 year old male died almost two years ago after getting trapped under a hi-bay order picker truck after it had overturned. He suffered fatal chest and abdominal crushing after the vehicle he used to transport aluminium materials into storage gave in to overloading.

After being taken to hospital, he succumbed to his injuries the next day.

The HSE discovered during their inquests that the tragedy was actually entirely preventable and stemmed from three vital breaches in health and safety law. The firm didn’t have proper risk assessments in place, didn’t have a safe system in place for the use of a reach truck and also failed to properly organise lifting operations in the storage area.

The Leicestershire company responsible were fined £144,000 and ordered to pay over £32,000 in fines after admitting to breaches in health and safety regulations.

Inspector for the HSE, Berian Price, said following the hearing:
“This incident happened because of management’s failure to ensure a safe system of work was in place that was clearly understood and adhered to by employees and supervised by departmental management. This stemmed in part from the lack of appropriate controls to prevent the lifting truck coming into contact with overhead beams, and from poor control of working practices.

“In addition, there was a failure on behalf of management to record and learn from previous near-miss incidents.

“Lifting operations, which often present severe risks to workers, must be properly planned, controlled and adequately supervised. Serious and fatal incidents have occurred due to workers being crushed by lifting equipment.

“It is therefore important to properly enforce, plan and organise lifting operations so they are carried out in safe manner. Each of these elements requires a person or people with sufficient competence to be notified at each step.”

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