Can Health and Safety software unlock e-Learning?


This year, the growth of e-Learning across the board has been striking. Depending on which forecast you prefer, it could double or triple in size and reach over the next few years – what’s certain is that it’s here to stay.

And that raises questions for organisations investing in learning software and courses. At Safety Media, answering tricky questions and helping find solutions is what we love (contact us at if you’ve just thought of one!).

With the ever-growing focus on E learning comes not only questions, but workshops and trade shows to support everyone in this area. In fact, our team are going to one just next week – Health and Safety North in Manchester. We’ll be meeting hundreds of people there and at other shows in the next few weeks and months, and answering hundreds of new questions.

One big question is about software. What do I need; how do I integrate into my existing software; and how do users access the software?

The answer is twofold: first, we make it easy for you, supporting you throughout. And, because everything works within a single Learning Management System (LMS) so that everyone in your organisation is joined up, it’s easier than you might think to get up and running very quickly.

Key Health & Safety software features are then available: incident reporting, risk management assessments, audits for reporting the success of training, and document management for a digital audit trail.

But the LMS that houses and contains the features is the key to unlocking e-Learning.

In this software you can see over 100 courses, curate a learning list for your departments or even individuals, and track progress. As well as those essential incident reports, near misses and risk assessments. That means amazing visibility of health and safety, and that unlocks your time to focus elsewhere.

It’s not just you though: aside from the health and safety training benefits, the LMS is flexible. So it actually contains courses outside health and safety. We sometimes call these ‘soft skills’ training but they’re much more: from GDPR to mental health awareness.

That’s the key to unlocking the knowledge and skills of your teams. It’s something that e-Learning does brilliantly and, as it continues to grow, so does the imagination and ideas for new ways we can all benefit.

To find out about our Health and Safety software – and discover what else it could unlock for you – just contact us.

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