BBC The Archers mentions Health and Safety

When listening to BBC radio yesterday I happened across Britain’s longest running and best loved radio drama “The Archers” and to my amazement good old Health and Safety got a mention!

The inspectors had descended on the fictional town of Ambridge for a spot inspection on the local tearoom so I of course listened to the issue with interest to see how this was handled…

Here is how the BBC script went:

“Did you know a health and safety guy just turned up next door?”

“In the tea room?”


“Oh they didn’t say anything earlier…”

“She probably didn’t know.”

“They love surprising people.”

“I hope it’ll be okay..”

“Health and Safety hey, what a nightmare..”

“Well no not really it is incredibly important actually.”

“Yeah that’s true.”

“We don’t’ want to go back to the old days when all sorts of things used to go wrong.”

“Yeah you’re right. They may be a bit of a nuisance but better that than some big health scare.”


Exactly indeed! It is amazing the reach that health and safety can have; from inspections to training and everything in between, it is great to hear popular programmes not shying away from the often dry subject which health and safety is seen to be and not only that but defending the practices to boot.

I encourage you to take a leaf out of the books of the Ambridge residents and defend health and safety when you hear disparaging comments – imagine a world without the inspectors, injuries and illnesses would be rife and our world would not be a better place for it.  The key to good health and safety practice is to be prepared, don’t take short cuts and do all you can to show yourself as a caring and responsible employer….the inspectors cause no issue for those who have nothing to hide…

What a refreshing defence for our industry – bravo to the BBC!

If you missed it you can catch the episode which was originally aired on 12/01/16 via the BBC iPlayer Radio »

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