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Safety Media have received a fantastic review from Health & Safety at Work Magazine for our Lift Truck and Warehouse Safety DVD, read the full review below.


Since “being struck by a vehicle” is one of the top causes of fatal accidents in the workplace, and the forklift truck is the universal workhorse for mechanical handling, there is a definite need for good training packages on this subject.


Safety Media, this time working in partnership with forklift company Linde, has provided here a high quality training aid to meet the need.


Intended for both introductory and refresher training, the DVD highlights the range of hazards in warehouse/forklift operations. It then sets out the key principles for safe operation, starting with the suitability of both truck and driver. The footage concentrates on the basic counterbalanced truck, but emphasises there are many specialised types; we see some of them in the DVD. We’re reminded, though, that the core principles are the same.


Next comes pre-use checks, covering the main safety critical components. A helpful check-list is included as an extra and can be downloaded from the disc. The presentation moves on to fuelling, mentioning battery-operated vehicles as well as diesel and LPG-fuelled trucks, before looking at safe operation, concentrating on making sure the stability of the truck and its load is maintained at all times.


There is some nice footage showing safe operation outside on a range of surfaces and gradients, all including the corresponding safety tips. There is also a demonstration of the brace position that drivers should adopt if they feel the truck tipping.


The section on load handling notes that liquid loads are “live” and that slopping can affect stability. This neatly moves onto a warning about loads of hazardous chemicals. Drivers should know what to do if these spill or leak and are urged to read the relevant materials’ safety data sheets.


Finally, the programme stresses the need to park the truck safely at the end of its duties, so that it’s left in a safe state and place. The focus then shifts to some broader aspects of warehouse operations, including pedestrian safety, keeping the workplace clean and tidy, and always using safe means of access. There’s an explanation of the four main types of safety signs, plus a quick guide to the safe use of hand operated pallet trucks.


The programme has a logical progression with an easy to understand flow of ideas. I do feel it could say more about racking, which isn’t really mentioned other than the advice: “Don’t climb on it”. There is little about the loading, labelling and stability of racking, nor does the programme really cover the picking or placing of loads, other than in the simple situation of an open area at ground level.


I was a bit surprised by the recommendations on personal protective equipment for battery charging. Yes, I thought, there are the hazards of battery acid and hydrogen release, but is it necessary to don full apron, face shield and chemical gauntlets just to put the truck on charge? However, when I checked, I found that the DVD’s recommendation is directly in line with the HSE’s code of practice L117, which has recently been reissued in a 2013 edition. So the DVD is bang up to date, and if viewers raise an eyebrow at these precautions, that could be used to prompt discussion about the potential danger and need for stringent precautions.


Overall, this is a slick, professional product that I’d strongly recommend. It’s also outstanding value at the price.


Our RoSPA approved Lift Truck and Warehouse Safety DVD is available to buy from our website here, priced at £99. 


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