With the advent of the internet and the coming of the digital age, the way in which we communicate and learn has changed forever specifically with e-Learning.

Before the turn of the millennium, most businesses depended on traditional classroom methods to educate their workers on their safety obligations. However, since the rise of health and safety e-Learning, more and more business are adopting a wider scope of training techniques and seeing better results.

Statistics show that it’s being adopted by countries all over the world, including developing countries which proves that it’s widely accessible. From a recent survey conducted by the eLearning Industry, 74% of companies have already invested in a learning management system and 44% intend to acquire online learning tools before the end of 2015.

With that in mind, here are five reasons why you should look into eLearning solutions for your business if you haven’t already.



Thanks to specially-tailored courses designed to work across multiple devices, almost anyone anywhere can take up eLearning. This means that your employees could be away from the office and still complete their course; something you don’t get with traditional classroom training.




In the past when seeking out training for your workforce, you might have to send them out to an off-site location to meet an expert or have them come to you instead. There are no such constraints with eLearning: simply sit them down at their desk and have them log in to your system.



Classroom training hasn’t adapted much over the years, but eLearning is always becoming more refined, accessible and engaging. Courses can be updated to keep in line with the latest health and safety regulations and you can customise it to suit your needs with company branding also available.

eLearning technology has come a long way in the last decade or so with the ways in which training is delivered also playing a part in its ease-of-use and effectiveness.



Many businesses enjoy a mixture of traditional training methods and eLearning. Commonly known as “blended learning”, studies show that this is an equally effective way of engaging learners and aiding information retention. In fact, 29.1% of businesses surveyed said that they depend on this technique for their workplace training.
It’s a rising trend within the industry; businesses are looking at more advanced methods to deliver training to their workers. Although most businesses still rely on classroom training (47%), eLearning is catching up in terms of adoption (28.5%, up by 3% from the previous year).




If one of your learners has sped through a course whereas another one is taking their time, the former doesn’t need to wait on the latter. They can simply go back to work after receiving their results and retake the course if necessary. When in a classroom training environment, this isn’t the case and you also have to consider other time factors, such as travelling to the destination, being taught things that don’t particularly relate to them and being distracted by other learners.


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