2014-2015 Fatality Statistics revealed by HSE
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The United Kingdom’s workplaces continue to gradually become safer from fatal accidents in line with the long-term trend. The rate of fatalities is now more than half what it was twenty years ago, thanks to the benefits of health and safety training and awareness campaigns.

142 workers in total were fatally injured between March 2014 and April 2015 (0.46 per 100,000) in the UK. This is actually slightly up from the previous period (0.45 per 100,000), but anomalous accidents will always play a part in these statistics. The fact remains that workplaces are becoming safer and better prepared with each passing year.

These new figures continue to highlight the United Kingdom as one of the safest regions to work in Europe. The country remains ahead of the Germany, Spain, France and Italy for preventing fatal workplace accidents.

One of the deadliest sectors saw drops in fatalities as nine less died in construction (44>35) when compared to 2013/14. However, one more worker in waste and recycling died (4>5) in comparison to the previous period and the same amount of deaths were recorded in theagricultural sector (33) as in 2013/14.

As well as releasing statistics concerning workplace accidents, the Health and Safety Executive also highlighted the drop in deaths from asbestos-related cancer. Mesotheliomacaused the death of 2538 workers in 2013, a drop in ten from 2012. However, this still represents an increase from 2011 when 2312 workers died due to exposure. You can find out more about preventing asbestos illnesses with our relevant course.

Judith Hackitt, Chair of HSE, said when these new statistics were released: “It is disappointing last year’s performance on fatal injuries has not been matched, but the trend continues to be one of improvement. Our systems and our framework remain strong as demonstrated by our performance in comparison to other countries.

“Every fatality is a tragic event and our commitment to preventing loss of life in the workplace remains unaltered. All workplace fatalities drive HSE to develop even more effective interventions to reduce death, injury and ill health.”

The organisation hope to release a more in-depth report in October which will go into detail about non-fatal injuries and other trends.

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