Worker’s Hand Trapped in Machine

A fabric printing company has been fined a total of £14,000 after one of its employees suffered injuries to his hand when it was dragged into a machine at its Lancaster factory.


The worker, had been trying to remove a small piece of material that was trapped between two rollers using a plastic tool while the apparatus was still running.


However, his hand came into contact with the rollers and was then dragged in to the machine. He suffered a fractured hand and thumb.


An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that there were no guards or protective devices to prevent employees from gaining access to the rollers while the machine was in operation.


Speaking after the hearing, HSE inspector Matthew Tinsley said that the injury could have been prevented if guards had been put in place. ”It should simply not have been possible to reach the rollers while the machine was still operating at full speed. ”Sadly, incidents like this are still all too common in the manufacturing industry.”


Employers have a legal duty to provide their employees with the correct Health & Safety training and make sure machinery is properly guarded to protect their workers.


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