Site Audit Software: What You Need to Know

Identifying key areas of safety failings within your business is one thing, but how about actually acting to remedy them? Site Audit Software can help.

Safety Media’s Audit Module can help with providing a smoother, painless auditing process for Health & Safety managers.


To ensure that your business is always on top of its Health & Safety responsibilities, and especially for larger organisations, regular audits can be a vital tool in this process. Without audits, dangers within your workplace can worsen or employees can be left with outdated training which doesn’t include the latest rules and regulations.


Undertaking an audit is a meticulous and sometimes difficult job, which is why we have created our tool to help with structure and application. If you want an in-depth overview of your company’s safety status or simply want the basics, this module will be able to assist.  It will allow the Health & Safety professionals within your organisation to put together audits in a check-list format that can be carried out by site, office, store or location managers as required on pre-determined schedules and cycles of repetition.


For example, a restaurant chain may wish to have a nightly audit to be completed by the restaurant manager of each location before closing each night.  This is set up centrally then distributed to the relevant people using the Software platform and is available for completion as appropriate.

With centralised reporting, Health & Safety managers will be able to ascertain areas of concern within the organisation. If safety negligence is identified or reports haven’t been submitted promptly, management can be alerted and disciplinary steps can be taken.

To make the auditing process as smooth possible, Safety Media have implemented the option to send out reminders and create templates.

By keeping the Audit tool in the same platform as your Incident Management, Risk Management and Training tools it allows your business to be truly joined up when it comes to Health & Safety management, recording and reporting.

If you have a need for auditing within your organisation and would like to find out more about this solution along with our other health and safety software options, contact Safety Media today on +44 (0)1745 535000 or email