Recycling Firm Fined Following Loss of Worker’s Hand

When you work in an environment involving lots of heavy machinery, you’re always at risk of an accident, as this employee found out.

During his time employed at the wharf site of a recycling firm in Ellesmere Port, a Liverpool-based worker suffered terrible injuries to his arm after getting it caught in the conveyor belt of a glass sorting machine. His hand was severed and after several operations and rehabilitation practices, the father of one now lives in constant pain.


The accident occurred over a year ago in January 2014 and has recently resulted in proceedings being brought against the firm deemed responsible over the past week. The HSE oversaw an investigation and had a damning verdict on the company’s health and safety regulations.

Noting that they had failed to properly instil a safety culture or system within the business, as well as failing to provide relevant information and training to staff, the HSE lobbied for the firm to be fined for their actions. A court ruled that the guilty party must pay almost £72,000 in charges in total.

After the hearing, HSE’s Jane Carroll said: “Philip Grace’s life has been deeply affected by this entirely preventable incident. The need for safe systems of work, correct guarding, staff being trained and risk assessments being carried out are the basics of health and safety for a company…

“Companies must recognise the need for proper safe systems of work, guarding and training to protect workers who are operating or maintaining heavy machinery like the conveyor belts used in the recycling industry.”

Due to the shortcomings of this business’s health and safety systems, the unfortunate worker now faces an uncertain future in employment coupled with personal strife. This incident could have been very easily prevented had the right training been given to the worker.

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