Norovirus can shut down businesses and costs the health and leisure industries millions every year.  The virus leads to diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain and, despite the misleading name, is not related to flu in any way.  Noroviruses can cause food poisoning, as can other germs and chemicals which is one fo the reasons why it can be so damaging to businesses such as hotels and restaurants.

The strength of the virus means it can take only a small amount of articles to make you feel very poorly and each patient with the virus sheds billions of particles which can easily infect other people. You are contagious from the moment you being feeling sick and for a few days after you recover which is another reason why the virus has such a wide reaching grasp.

Daycare centres, nursing homes, schools, hotels and cruise ships are ideal locations for the virus to spread quickly and therefore businesses have been known to shut down due an extended outbreak.  Reputations can be ruined, the revenue loss for small organisations can be critical and the lack of treatment for the virus means it “just has to run it’s course”.

To avoid disaster striking, be sure to train your staff about the dangers and recognise the early warning signs of a potential Norovirus outbreak.  A RoSPA approved Norovirus e-Learning course will ensure your employees are given the facts and are trained to handle an outbreak should one occur. Check out our course information here »

Download our Norovirus Poster to remind your staff of the dangers this virus can cause – Click here to download the below as a PDF »



Check out this brilliant promotional video posted on YouTube by NHS Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire who show us how to wash our hands Gangnam Style!