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Noise Induced Hearing Loss


A new survey, conducted by compensation specialists Jefferies Solicitors has recently highlighted how many people working in a noisy industry, such as; construction, engineering and utilities are surprisingly not worried about the risk of hearing loss.
This is despite an estimated 18,000 people currently suffering from noise-induced hearing loss caused or made worse by work.  On top of this 70% of survey respondents stated that losing their hearing would affect how well they could perform their job so the reluctance to take precautions or lack of concern is in itself concerning!
It is apparent from this survey that there is a tremendous lack of knowledge regarding noise induced hearing loss within the industries where it is affected the most.
If you work in an industry where noise induced hearing loss is a problem, it is imperative that you are knowledgeable on how it can become a problem for yourself or your colleagues. Employers should make their employees aware of the risks and provide them with enough advice and suitable protection.
Safety Media’s Noise Awareness e-Learning course will provide you with key information on how to recognise the problems and protect your hearing so if you feel you are at risk ask your employer to contact us today to find out more.
1 in 6 people in the UK have some form of hearing loss; don’t let your work be the cause of it.