National Running Day: Are You Taking Part?

Staying on top of your health and safety responsibilities is an important part of being in the modern workplace, but so is looking after your own body and staying fit, running is a great way to do this. #NationalRunningDay

Thanks to the hectic nature of the office environment, many workers find themselves chained to the desk, forgoing breaks away from the screen and taking the opportunity to stretch their legs. This might mean that you get more work done, but it also means that you are at risk from health issues brought on by inactivity.

So, when an opportunity like National Running Day comes along, you ought to lace up your trainers and get to it!

Since 2009, this event has been help on the first Wednesday of every June to celebrate a passion for running by eager participants worldwide. Primarily popular in the United States, it’s now been adopted in many other countries, including the United Kingdom. You aren’t too far from a special event wherever you are today.

With the focus on fun and community, participants can “pledge their miles” and run for a charity or good cause of their choosing. The Charity Miles initiative will support organisations such as the Alzheimer’s Association, Autism Speaks, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Stand Up to Cancer, among many others. Check the full list below.



The idea is simple: run! Even if you’re not much of an athlete or are simply feel like you have too much on to take part, running even for just a short amount of time can make all the difference to your general health.

If you find yourself rooted to your chair during the 9-5, you could hardly ask for a better opportunity to stretch your legs and for a good cause at the same time. Be sure to visit the official website at or connect with them on Facebook.

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