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Mock Accident Brings Health and Safety to Life

An accident in which a painter and decorator obtained severe injuries following a fall from height was acted out at an event organised by IOSH.

The mock accident involving a broken leg, two broken ribs, a broken wrist (and a captivated audience!) was the spectacle at the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health’s event held in Merseyside earlier this month.

‘Mick’ was the unfortunate employee who suffered a fall when the mobile tower he was working on was found to lack the necessary safety equipment. Although presented as a cautious individual, with pressures from his boss and a deadline approaching ‘Mick’ opted to take the risk and continue working with the unsafe equipment. Then disaster struck.

The scene advanced to ‘Mick’s’ future in which, 6 months down the line, he was still unable to work due to his injuries from the incident. He described to the audience the consequential financial and family concerns.

Well attended by Health & Safety professionals, the event concluded with stimulating discussions in which the audience were invited to contribute their thoughts on Mick’s situation.

The event was created with the aim of raising awareness regarding workplace safety and hopefully help decrease the numbers of workers falling from height.

Considering the regrettable results from recent HSE reports for the Merseyside area, the motivation for such an event is understandable. In the year 2013/14 there were 144 reports of workers falling from height, a higher number than the preceding year.

Vice-chair of the Merseyside IOSH branch Scott Ellis was reportedly pleased with the events proceedings and explains the reasoning behind the performance:

“Using the actors has been about bringing the scenario to life. The characters used are the sort of people who we can identify with.”

Similar events from IOSH are set to be held as part of a ‘Faulty Towers’ four-part series, of which this was the first. More information can be found by clicking here.