Mayday! How to Avoid Stress in the Workplace

May 1st in the United Kingdom is known as a traditional celebration of springtime fertilities, but you may also know “Mayday” as a distress signal in emergency situations.

No doubt most employers would appreciate some kind a signal from workers if they are under stress, but it’s still something that can go unnoticed and simply left bottled up, leading to bigger issues in the future.

If you feel like your employees are feeling the effects of stress, here are a few simple tips to help them get back to peace of mind.

Understand Stress Itself

The importance of managing stress cannot be undermined, but sadly it still is. Instead of being able to relate to workers, employers sometimes take the unsympathetic route and ask employees to carry on regardless. Communication with workers is vital in moments in stress and can help both parties to come to a resolution or necessary next steps.

Know Your Ethical Responsibilities 

If an employee is showing clear signs of being affected by stress in the workplace, they might need time off to recuperate or a shuffle in their workload to alleviate it. Identifying the legal obligations and good business practices in this situation is an important aspect of being a manager, so be sure that you are clued in on them.

Lower the Risk of Stress by Identifying Hazards Early

Noticing that there are certain areas of a job role which keep proving too much for your employee? Or perhaps you’ve noticed friction between co-workers? Seek out ways to help lighten the load and ease contentious circumstances and you should be able to enjoy a happy, harmonious workplace or go some way towards achieving it.

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