Healthcare e-Learning is Increasing in Demand Across the Globe

When you consider how fast-paced modern healthcare is, it should be no surprise that many in the sector are turning to e-Learning to help them keep up to date with the ever-changing landscape.


e-Learning as a whole is on the rise as an effective way to conduct employee training, thanks to its relative accessibility when compared to traditional learning methods. When once you would have had to send an employee off to refresh their skillset with a specialist course or have a specialist come to you directly, now it’s as simple as booting up a computer and getting invested in engaging online courses.


This has never been more apparent than in the healthcare sector.  Considering how professionals have to often update their credits to remain licensed, healthcare e-Learning makes a lot of sense. They don’t even necessarily have to leave the workplace to enrol.

However, many professionals don’t solely rely on e-Learning for their training as it also needs to be hands-on due to the practical nature of their work. Combining physical and digital platforms means that many learners are involved with blended learning in a cost-effective manner.

The surge in demand for healthcare e-Learning has been a steady one, but you can look at the refinement in e-Learning technologies as a reason for its contemporary popularity. This infographic from Nine Lanterns has some fascinating insights for your interest.

Healthcare is a worldwide essential and is a big reason why health organisations are now investing so much into e-Learning. 72% of those surveyed said they were embracing the technology as their workforce geographically diverse and a similar amount said they were getting involved because of e-Learning’s affordability.

Further to this, a large majority of the health organisations surveyed said they used eLearning to supplement their course as a whole with 80% including it within a blended learning programme.

Safety Media are proud to offer our very own healthcare e-Learning course that is SCORM compliant with an emphasis on engagement and knowledge retention; vital in such a demanding industry. If you would like to find out more about our specialist solutions, please email or call us on 0845 345 1703.