Dubai introduces a new Food Safety inspection rating system


Dubai Municipality has introduced a new food inspection rating system so that diners can identify how restaurants have performed in food safety checks.

The new rating system will allow restaurants to display the new colour-coded cards for the public to see. A green card with an A grade is the highest, whilst a red card indicates that the restaurant failed in inspections as a result of two or more major violations.

The introduction of the new inspection system will increase compliance as restaurants will aim to receive the highest grade. The Municipality was looking for a system that would increase the efficiency of inspections and would not allow restaurants to take food preparation and food display operations lightly and leave consumers at risk of getting food-poisoning.

Businesses are required to make sure that the food they handle, store, display and sell is safe and suitable for people to eat. There should be ownership and responsibility throughout the company structure supervised and controlled by a trained and certified Person in Charge.

You can watch a short clip of Safety Media’s Food Hygiene course here.  This 45 minute course will teach you important aspects of food safety and hygiene, all of which should be positively adopted if working within the food and catering industry.