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A recent survey commissioned by law firm Slater and Gordon found that almost a staggering 58% have witnessed or suffered bullying in the workplace.
The report has revealed that more than two-thirds of workers who witnessed bullying said their colleagues was subjected to a sustained period of harassment with over half seeing workmates sworn at.
Stress caused by tight deadlines, personality clashes and office politics are the main factors often caused tensions to run high.
We all know that it is totally unacceptable, but what should you do if it happens to you or a colleague? Here are a few simple steps you could take if you become affected by bullying:
  • Keep a written record and diary of all incidents.
  • Speak to the bully or harasser (if you can): they might not have realised how distressing their actions are to you.
  • Speak to your employer.
  • Bullying should not be tolerated, therefore your employer should take immediate action to ensure a safe working environment for yourself or your colleague.
Safety Media feel passionate about making the working environment a safe and happy place to be and we are looking forward to launching our ‘Bullying and Harassment’ Compliance and Soft Skills course in the next few months.
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Source: BBC News